“EKSPRO-2000” Limited has a flexible structure, allowing to optimize efficiency, depending on the specific projects.

The members of EKSPRO–2000 team are civil engineers graduated in MSc Industrial and Civil Construction (now “Construction of Buildings and Structures”) from University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia.

The company’s Managing Director has a strong background as an expert in Energoproekt PLC.

The leading designers started their career with EKSPRO–2000 where they set up the company’s values and become exceptional civil and industrial engineering experts.

The core team is comprised of specialists with an extensive experience in the energy building design. This naturally identifies the key business focus in structural design and consultancy services for a wide range of industrial and energy projects.

Currently, three designers have Certificates for Full Designer’s Qualification issued by the Chamber of the Engineers in Investment Design. One engineer has a technical control certificate.

In order to deliver an end-to-end design, the Company sets up temporary dynamic teams (in addition to the core team) contracting highly skilled specialists. This enables the delivery of the following functional areas of design:

  • Architecture;
  • Water Supply and Drainage;
  • Vertical Planning, General Layout and Geodesy;
  • Heating and Ventilation;
  • Electrical Part;
  • Technological Part.

The internal procedure for design verification includes:

1. Internal check by a company’s Diplomed Engineer, who have not been directly involved into the design process.

2. Check by a certified technical control specialist.

The technical documentation prepared by EKSPRO-2000 is in accordance with the Bulgarian and European law and regulations.

The Company provides proactive designer supervision and a technical support throughout the entire building cycle.