Since the establishment of the company, EKSPRO-2000 realised over 600 designs as a prime contractor or subcontractor for part “Building Structures”. These designs have different scale and complexity.

EKSPRO-2000 prime business focus is the design of building structures of industrial and energy projects in (i.e. nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, gas power plants, water power plants, refineries, pulp and paper factories, chemical plants, metallurgical plants, pharmaceutical plants etc.).

In addition to the industrial designs, the company produces numerous designs of residential buildings, such as family and residential houses, administrative and office buildings, warehouses etc.


  • NPP Kozloduy - Seismic qualification upgrade to Auxiliary Building 2

Site: NPP Kozloduy

Sub-site: Seismic qualification upgrade to Auxiliary
Building 2

Main characteristics of the site:

In the longitudinal direction the structure of AB-2 has two rows "A" and "Б" with a space between them 36.00m. There are 19 numerical axes at 6.00m each in transverse direction. The structure is divided by joints on axes "7" and "14". The structure of AB-2 consists of two main parts - low and high, as from level -2.00m to level +6.30m is realised as monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The highest part of the AB-2 (above level +6.30m) which is the subject of the present design is a precast reinforced concrete structure from level +6.30m to level +22.80m with sizes in plan 36.00/36.00m between rows "A"-"Б" and axes "1"-"7".

Project Owner: State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW)
Contractor: Atomenergoremont PLC

Designed: years 2013-2015
In operation since: year 2015

Scope of Work: Seismic qualification upgrade to Auxiliary Building 2.